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  • Anna
    With age has gained a lot of weight. It has become a torment to pressure, and have emerged all the diseases. There was energy in the long run. The doctors have advised her to lose weight. I can't stay on a diet. I decided to try MultiSlim. After 2 weeks, the extra pounds, began to decline. Increased vitality. I continue to drink, like me, the tool helps.
  • Balázs
    I'm a fan of diet funds. I try to imagine all the news, as well as, by nature, lazy and eat well. So the syrup multislim I liked it more than all the others. The taste is pleasant, a contraindication was not there and the weight loss of about 7 kg (without dieting)
  • Levente
    I'm sure the negative reviews j MultiSlim arise from the fact that people have not followed the application instructions, or simply the purchase of forgery. I take the Syrup MultiSlim over the course of 2 weeks. During this time I managed to get rid of 8 pounds! I believe that this has happened, because before this they were months of reinforcement and load of the diet.
  • Lili
    Ever since I was a child struggling with the pounds — diet, sports only temporarily helped, then the weight is back once again. For comparison, 25 years, growth 167 cm, I weighed 74 kg, particularly tormented boca. Syrup multislim has helped me for the month of restore 9 kilograms. This is an excellent result, have disappeared boca, decreased belly, and hips. Until the weight did not come back!
  • Nóra
    2 weeks with the syrup MultiSlim I have already lost 7 lbs! Do not stop to rejoice, again, again and dance round. Fantastic that has no desire for snacks, cakes, cakes — simply breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
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